Kanungu district is found in the south western of Uganda. The district boarders DRC Congo in the west, Kabale and Kisoro in the south, Rukungiri district in the East. The major economic activity is farming with over 73% engaged in subsistence farming. According to national census report 2014, 70% of Kanungu population is aged 30 and below, while 57% are aged 24 and below. The district is famously known because it has the largest part of Bwindi impenetrable National park that houses Mountain Gorillas and Batwa community. These mountain gorillas are special species that climb as high as 4127metres above sea level. It’s because of districts like Kanungu endowed with rich Godly treasure that Uganda has been named one of the top tourism destinations in the whole World.

The district is strategically located just in the middle of great tourism sites of Bwindi NP, Queen Elizabeth NP, Lake Edward, and neighbouring Kasese for Rwenzori mountains and Kazinga Channel that connects lake Edward to Lake Albert. Whereas tourists come in every year to visit Bwindi NP. The statistics show that Bwindi National park Gorilla tourism tracking increased from 1,313 in 1993 to 15,112 in 2016. This is a good report that shows a stable progress in the tourism industry around the area. These are unique species that can’t be found everywhere in low lands.

There are several tourism sites in Kanungu district like Queen Elizabeth known for big four animals and other wonderful animals like Uganda cob; Lake Edward the lake with sweetest fish but also famous for hippos, salt mining; Ruwenzori mountains in Kasese that borders the district the tallest mountain in Uganda with snow and crater lake; the beautiful scenery of the geographical features, terraces, the rising and dropping terrain on both sides of the road along the Rukungiri-Kanungu called ‘enengo’; diverse welcoming cultures with their ‘kikiga’ cultural dance, ‘ekitaguriro’ dance and cultural hand craft products.

The Uganda wildlife authority has well trained tourist guides that help tourists track the mountain gorillas with less stress. There are thousands of good comfortable affordable accommodation and hotels services  around the tourist centres the most famous being savannah resort hotel, Ramsden Guest house and Bwindi Guest House, Orchards, safari lodges, etc. There are two Airstrips in kanungu district at Kayonza and another in one Kihihi (Savannah Resort).

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