Enjoy unlimited and endless adventure at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is located in Western Uganda, it is the smallest and most scenic of all Uganda’s national parks sitting on 33.7km2 and shares a boarder with neighboring Congo and Rwanda. This uniquely Small Park was declared a game sanctuary by the British administration in 1930 and gazzetted as a national park in 1991. Mgahinga’s monthly rainfall is averagely 250mm in October and 10 mm in July. This area experiences two wet rainy seasons that is February to May and September to December.

The altitude of this distinctive national park compasses from 22, 27 to 41,27m and is a fragment of River Nile watershed area. Mgahinga is about 15km by road south of Kisoro and about 55km by road west of Kabale the largest city in this sub region.

The most noticeable features of this very attractive Mgahinga are the three cone shaped extinct volcanoes and part of Virunga range that is situated across the Uganda, Congo and Rwanda Border.

Upon visiting Mgahinga, you will automatically be ushered into a very exciting experience that will give you life time memories. And this is none other than trekking Gorillas in this plentiful forest and tangled vegetation of Mgahinga. This is the main activity and main form of attraction at this magnificent destination. Try to plan your Gorilla tracking safari here during the 2 dry seasons that is from December to February and June to September as earlier mentioned. This  is simply because that is when you will be able to easily access and penetrate the forest without worrying about the muddy roads as compared to how it always is in the rainy season. However you should also note that gorilla tracking safaris are manageable even during the rainy season.

Mgahinga gorilla national park is among the top most tourist destination in Uganda simply because it is home for the rare Mountain Gorillas. True most tourists visit this place for Gorilla trekking but I will highlight for you some other thrilling activities that you can undertake here. You can do volcanoes climbing, enjoy viewing Rwanda, Lake Edward, Congo, Virungas and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest after undertaking that strenuous but rewarding hike to the volcanoes summit, cultural encounter with the Batwa can be yet another gratifying activity. Get to attract and understand the life style of the local people around here. And lastly, if you are a birder, you can enjoy a birding experience here alongside Gorilla trekking. Have an opportunity to take in some of the unique Mgahinga’s most beautiful scenery in the narrow valley of Mt.Sabinyo and Mt.Gahinga. Enjoy viewing birds like the Rwenzori Turaco, black kite, Ibis, waxbills, white necked raven, olive pigeon, olive wood pecker and many others.s

Your safari to Mgahinga can be a very exciting adventure and a true Ugandan experience and I can assure you maximum satisfaction from here. We can in facts tailor for you an interesting itinerary that will take you to other Uganda’s best destination like Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mburo National Park.