Queen Elizabeth National Park is found in western Uganda bordering Democratic Republic of Congo and close to Mountain Rwenzori. This beautiful National Park is the oldest and most Visited Park in Uganda. It was established in 1952 and was originally called Kazinga National Park. However, the name changed following Queen Elizabeth 11’s visit in 1964.

Queen Elizabeth Park has a variety of habitats such as Savannah Grassland mixed with various kinds of trees, shrubs, including the candelabra Euphorbia trees. Though the Albertine Rift is quite hot and dry and yet in this environment, you will find, lakes, rivers and swamps, there is also forest lands, the vast Maramagambo Forest covers over one-fifth of the park.

This interesting destination should never miss on any tourist’s must visit list. You have a variety of activities to do and see here. So if you are planning on your best uganda safari to this place, we have compiled for you a list of activities that you should expect to do on your best uganda safari here.

  1. Launch trips on Kazinga channel

Queen Elizabeth’s Kazinga Channel gives you an opportunity to take part in an approximately 2 hour boat safari where you will have a very great opportunity to sight –see animals that come to the water banks to drink water. Kazinga channel is a 32KM channel that links Lake Edward and Lake George and is a major feature of Queen Elizabeth National Park. This Channel gives a great chance of seeing innumerable wild life like hippos and Nile crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants, bird species, waterbucks, statunga antelopes, among others. This is a must do activity on your best uganda safari and it will in fact make  the highlight of your best uganda safari to Queen Elizabeth.

  1. Game drives

Queen Elizabeth best uganda safari

A game drive in Queen Elizabeth is a delight and will surely make your best uganda safari to Uganda complete. If you wish to explore African wildlife, Queen Elizabeth is the perfect place to visit. This park has got over 200KM of well-maintained game tracks. You can choose to do a sunrise, evening/ afternoon or night game drive. Whichever time you choose for your Queen Elizabeth National Park game drive, you will be presented with high chances of seeing wildlife such as Lions, antelopes, leopards, hyenas , warthogs, buffalos, elephants, forest hog among others. Rumara safaris Game drives are all done in 4 x 4 WD customized best uganda safari vehicles and guided by a professional safari guide.

  1. Birding in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth is one of the best uganda safari birding destinations in Uganda. Over 619 bird species proudly call Queen Elizabeth home. This definitely makes it a paradise for bird lovers. This park is famous for excellent birding with many water birds, woodland and forest dwellers in the Maramagambo forest, 54 raptors and various migratory species. Queen Elizabeth National Park is excellent for birding and you can catch sight of magnificent bird species both in the wet and dry seasons. This means you can plan your birding safari all around the year. However, the best time to take a birding safari in the park is March to May and September to November.

  1. Hot air Ballooning

The hot air balloon safaris can only be done in 2 National parks in the whole of Uganda. That is Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Park. With the hot air balloon safari, you get an opportunity to view this park’s beautiful creatures from high above in the sky. This is undoubtedly another unique way to experience Queen Elizabeth National Park’s wilderness. This best uganda safari starts very early in the morning at 5: 30 AM and it takes approximately 1 hour. You will have an opportunity to view the beautiful sun rising from the east as though it is coming from Lake George. From high above in the air, you will be able to view wildlife like Hyenas, hippos, elephants, and African savanna from up in the air. After your flight , you will be awarded a flying certificate.

  1. The tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector

Queen Elizabeth best uganda safari

This is in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. This sector receives very few visitors but the few who visit this place are rewarded with the views of the tree climbing lions- the main residents here. These tree climbing lions can be found in only 2 places in the entire world. That is in Queen Elizabeth National Park’s Ishasha sector and Lake Manyara in Tanzania.

On your visit to Ishasha sector, you will catch sight of the tree climbing lions lying lazily on the fig- tree branches. You can trust Rumara safaris to arrange for you this queen elizabeth safari  and you will definitely have a great opportunity to see the rare African tree climbing lions and other animals like buffaloes, topis, elephants, and the rare shoebill stork that call Ishasha plains home.

  1. Lion tracking

This is one of a kind experience on a Ugandan safari. You will get an opportunity to get up close and personal and at the same time contribute to the research data base. This is one of the most interesting activities on a Ugandan safari and it can only be done in Queen Elizabeth. If you undertake this activity, you will have a 95% chance to see the lions in their natural habitat. This activity is always done in the morning and late in the evening.

If you are interested in taking part in this exceptional activity, you will be required to contact us in advance at www.rumarasafaris.com , we book your space with Uganda Wildlife Authority and you will definitely have an opportunity to enjoy this breathtaking experience.

  1. Chimpanzee tracking- Kyambura gorge

Queen Elizabeth best uganda safari

Kyambura gorge is a tropical rain forest located in the Eastern corner of Queen Elizabeth National Park and it is famed for its underground forest and for being one of the hosts of the awesome chimpanzees.

Kyambura gorge is one of the fascinating areas in the popular Queen Elizabeth National Park. This extremely impressive gorge also known as “the valley of Apes” is drained by River Kyambura . The landscape here is so magnificent. On your visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park with www.rumarasafaris.com, you can as well visit this amazing gorge and have an opportunity to track the magnificent chimpanzees, enjoy this place’s impressive land scape and catch sight of other wild life like the black and white colobus monkeys, baboons, red tailed monkeys, vervet monkeys and if you are a birds lover, you can look out for black and white king fisher, falcons, blue headed bee- eater among others.

  1. Hiking/ nature walks

Queen Elizabeth best uganda safari
Another interesting and enjoyable way to explore Queen Elizabeth National Parks’ amazing landscape and wildlife is doing it on foot. Locations include the shady Maramagambo forest, Mweya peninsula with its scenic views and Ishasha River where you may spot a variety of forest and savanna species as well as having a unique opportunity to get extremely close to Hippos on foot

Getting to Queen Elizabeth National Park

By road transport

It takes you at least seven to eight hours to drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park from Kampala. The tarmac road from Kampala via Mbarara and Bushenyi will lead you to the center of the Park. Those hours include lunch and relaxation breaks.

However, at Rumara safaris we give you an opportunity to enjoy short trips en route to the park. We can arrange for you short trips to Lake Mburo, Rwenzori Mountain and to Kibale National Park for Chimpanzee tracking.


Accommodation in queen Elizabeth National Park

Luxury accommodation

  • Mweya Safari Lodge

Mid-range accommodation

  • Elephant Hab Lodge
  • Park view safari Lodge
  • Marafiki Safari Lodge

Budget Accommodation

  • Tembo Safari Lodge
  • Engiri Game Lodge and campsite


Book your safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park with Rumara safaris and we arrange for you a perfect and memorable safari that will even exceed your expectations. You can explore more of Uganda’s treasures by combining Queen Elizabeth NP with other destinations on a safari. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you do that. This popular and richly blessed National Park can accommodate all guests regardless of their ages hence a perfect destination for family safaris too.