Uganda Wild Life Authority to increase Uganda Gorilla permits costs from USD 600 to USD 700 effective July 2020

If you are planning your Uganda gorilla trek safari, I would think that you already know you cannot trek these magnificent Uganda Mountain Gorillas without a Uganda gorilla permit. A Uganda gorilla permit is a must have tool when it comes to gorilla trekking in Uganda since it is the one that officially allows you to trek the awesome gorillas.

It is also important to note that it is always not easy to acquire these Uganda gorilla permits especially when you schedule your Uganda gorilla trek safari during the peak season of July, August, September, December, January and February or if your trip is on a short notice.

Uganda Wild Life Authority a body that manages wild life in Uganda (and also gorilla trekking permits) recently announced an increase in Uganda gorilla permit prices from USD 600 to USD 700 person (nonresidents) trekking gorillas from either Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or Mgahinga National Park and then USD 600 for foreign residents working here in Uganda. Then East Africans in Uganda , Kenya , Rwanda, Burunda , Tanzania and South Sudan will pay Ugandan shillings 250,000 per gorilla permit.

Book your safari now to trek the adorable gorillas at the current price of USD 600. The increment will be effective 1st July 2020. Bookings before that date will not be affected. If you would like to visit Uganda and specifically our adorable mountain gorillas at the same old price (USD 600), you should consider booking your Uganda gorilla trek safari before 1st July 2020. And Rumara safaris will be glad to save you the hustle by assisting you in processing your Uganda gorilla permit. We assist all the guests who contact us to check for the availability of the Uganda gorilla permits, make reservations and secure permits on their behalf.

Reasons for the Increase in the cost of permits. The main reason for the increase in the Uganda gorilla permit prices is the increased conservation costs of the endangered mountain gorillas. There are so many conservation projects that require funding so all the money collected from the sale of the Uganda gorilla permits is used for that same cause. The doctors who treat the gorillas and ensure they are in perfect health, the police, park rangers and trackers all need facilitation and payment. Hence the reason for the increment in the Uganda gorilla permit prices.

Uganda remains the best and most affordable destination in the entire African continent

Regardless of the increment, the pearl of Africa is still the best and most affordable destination for gorilla trekking . Democratic Republic of Congo is cheaper in terms of prices, but not safe at all. This therefore, leaves only Uganda and Rwanda available for gorilla trekking yet permits for trekking gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park are far more expensive than Uganda’s new price. Permits for trekking gorillas in Rwanda go for USD 1500. This leaves Uganda more affordable and the best destination for gorilla trekking

How to book your Uganda gorilla permit

You can book your Uganda gorilla permit through Rumara Safaris .We are always ready and here to help you process your Uganda gorilla permit. Just give us your actual safari dates, we check the availability of the permits for that specific date, we hold your permits as you make your payment.

Because  gorilla trekking in uganda is the most sought after tourism activity in Uganda, Uganda gorilla permits tend to get sold out about 3 months in advance especially during the peak season. So you are advised to reserve your Uganda gorilla permit about 4 months in advance so you may not miss out on your thrilling safari.

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