Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park: This rain forest is one of the few in Africa that have continued to grow vigorously. This national park is famed for gorilla trekking simply because it is home for over 400 mountain gorillas making it almost half of the world’s gorilla population.
This national park lies in south western part of Uganda at the edge of the lift valley. It derives its name from its beautiful and biologically diverse rain forests.
Most tourists visit this national park for gorilla tracking since it is home for almost half of the world’s gorilla population. However your trip will go much more beyond only gorilla tracking. Below are the detailed activities that tourists do, see and enjoy in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

1. Gorilla Trekking

This is undoubtedly the highlight of every trip to this national park. It is actually the main reason why most tourists visit the area. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home for 400 endangered mountain gorillas making it almost half of the world’s population. This means gorillas are a must see in this area. You will get a chance to stand face to face with them.

Those many gorillas are divided in different families in different locations. We shall help you choose accommodation close to the briefing point so as to ease your trekking experience.

You need to hold a permit to be able to track these magical creatures. We can as well help you with the permit booking. This should be done in advance so you may not miss this adventurous experience.

2. Gorilla Habituation Experience

It is only in Uganda and particularly in Bwindi where you can be with a gorilla family for about four hours on a gorilla habituation experience. The gorillas get so used to human beings since they

spend good time with them.

Tourists choose gorilla habituation rather than the normal gorilla trekking because of the learning experience with the researchers; it is one of a kind experience and offered only in Uganda, it also gives best value for your money.


3. Bird watching

Birders will automatically love visiting this national park. This area is a superb birding site for any tourist visiting Uganda. Is there any way to enjoy a wild life tour other than being exposed to these beautiful birds singing and swinging in the forest? I think no.
So hurry and grab yourself an opportunity to see the short tailed warbler, blue headed sunbird and seven IUCN data listed species and many others. The African cuckoo, comma bulbul, African blue and white tailed blue fly catchers and red headed blue bill are easy to see.


4. Hiking/Nature walks

With our knowledgeable guide, you will be able to see a lot more in the forest than you ever imagined or even thought of. Like the beautiful waterfalls, the beautiful scenery, birds and many more.
Hiking or walking through one of the six trails in Buhoma also gives you an opportunity to understand this amazingly beautiful rainforest.

If you a planning to visit Uganda, hiking through Bwindi is an ideal deal because this area has brilliant hiking adventures. This adventurous walks include also forest walks, primate encounters, waterfall walks, mountain views and bird watching.

5. Biking

Mountain biking follows a well maintained trail from Buhoma to Ivi river. This activity gives you a chance to view wild life such as bush bucks, black and white colobus and red tailed monkeys and many others.
Tourists enjoy biking because of its simplicity and the great joy derived from interacting directly with nature while biking around the forest.

6. Cultural tour

Among other delights on this tour, visiting these local people is something to look forward to. If you need to unwind and relax, this can boost your safari experience. Most tourists find listening to these people telling their traditional stories, watching them dance and understanding their kind of life generally so relaxing and exciting.
Spending a day with the locals in this area and having a glance at their kind of life will help you further appreciate the convenience of the kind of life you live in back home.

Bwindi impenetrable National Park trips are always so adventurous and exciting. Everyone planning a trip to Uganda should not really miss the enjoyment that comes with touring this area.

We can actually tailor for you an itinerary that will combine it with Queen Elizabeth National Park where you will get another opportunity to see the big game, do a boat safari at Kazinga channel and many more exciting activities.

Having these top 6 things shared with you means that you a just a step a way to your adventure and enjoyment in Bwindi National Park. Looking forward to meeting you.