What Shouldn’t miss on your Packing List for Mountain Gorilla Trekking.


Mountain gorillas can be found in Uganda at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, and perhaps it’s East Africa’s most popular tourist activity so while trekking you are not hiking on comfortable tracks, but sometimes there are no trails at all or you hike following very small trails.

Therefore as you plan your Gorilla trekking safari, this draws you to wear the right clothing to protect you from coldness, thorn pricks, nettles or insect bites such as soldier ants, tsetse flies, mosquitoes and more. Below is the recommended packing list for your gorilla trekking tour, and Please contact Rumara Safaris for more details.


Long Sleeved Shirts and Long Trousers

Treks begin early in the morning, Depending on the time of year, you may want long sleeves during the entirety of your trek. And ensure that you tack in your trousers in your hiking boots to avoid insects such as safari ants entering your trousers, Jeans and Khaki trousers can do this better. In addition to warmth, long sleeves are helpful for protecting your arms against stinging nettles or branches.

Waterproof Hiking Sturdy Boots

The terrain can be difficult to navigate, including thick vines, slippery rocks, patches of mud, and more.Therefore you need lightweight hiking boots for this activity. Hiking boots are must as you decide on what to pack for your gorilla trekking and if your shoes are waterproof that is an added advantage

Sturdy Gardening Gloves

They will help you support yourself on branches or vines, stinging plants and protection against nettles such that you don’t get scratched

A Rain Jacket

The national parks where the mountain gorillas live are largely rain forest, and the rain is unpredictable, so a Rain Jacket is a must pack.

Hat and Sunglasses

If you don’t come with the hat from home, you could get one from any local craft markets in the country, the hat protects your head and neck from rain or the sun. You may also carry sunglasses but all these are optional



To take pictures of your moments and extra battery is advised as some treks can go for up to 8 hours. Please note flash is not allowed when taking gorilla pics.


You will need them to spot animals from far.

Documents & Money

You should not forget to carry your permit and passport when going for a trek and also some local currencies.

Toiletries & Medicine

Insect Repellent This will help with both Mosquitoes and Tsetse flies, hand wipes, sunscreen and first Aid


Our tailor made Gorilla Safaris Packages take you to both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which are the only places to track Mountain Gorillas in Uganda.